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Expertise - What We Do


We know a lot about a lot and as our client, our expertise is your expertise. Fluid Power SME can bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to launch the hydraulic and pneumatic design phase of a project including circuit and bill of materials development, simulation, documentation, component sourcing, supplier qualification and can provide deep level consultation on numerous technical and commercial subjects. We are skilled at troubleshooting problematic systems and are experts in component and system failure analysis. For the development of your team and customers, we also offer outstanding technical training on a variety of subjects at all skill levels including customized, equipment specific programs to suit the uniqueness of your designs and needs.

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Failure Analysis


Disclosure: Fluid Power SME provides general and specific advice on the application of hydraulic and pneumatic technologies, based on decades of practical hands-on experience and knowledge of best practices, procedures, and policies. We are skilled at in-depth interpretation and implementation of information drawn from fluid power technical references and textbooks; global industry standards; peer reviewed research papers and periodical publications; manufacturer catalogs and datasheets; software and diagnostic analysis; client-supplied specifications, designs, drawings, and procedures and other relevant sources. Any advice provided by Fluid Power SME, with or without compensation, whether verbally or written (including email), in the form of general communications, marketing, proposals, quotations, designs, drawings, calculations, models, component or circuit recommendations, animations, simulations, system or component fabrications, technical writing, technical training, written reports, expert witness services, general consultation, and the like is provided with full transparency to the primary client/user, that Fluid Power SME is not an engineering firm and does not represent itself as such. The advice provided by Fluid Power SME, its management, employees, or third-party partners is as presented, with no warranties, either expressed or implied. Acceptance and/or implementation of any advice provided by Fluid Power SME, its management, employees, or third-party partners shall be at the sole discretion and responsibility of the primary client/user and shall be for the sole use of the primary client/user only and no other entity.

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