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Failure Analysis

When good parts go bad


It happens. Even well designed and maintained systems break down and components fail due to normal wear as they reach the end of their normal lifespan. Other times and all too often, however, failures occur due to poor system design, incorrect components being specified or misapplied or an overall failure to properly maintain a system to a degree that preserves normal functionality and reliability to the required level.

Fluid Power SME is a network of specialized experts with decades of hydraulic and pneumatic application experience. We have the knowledge and partnerships with entities skilled in analyzing component failures and system design deficiency that impact a machines reliability.  Fluid Power SME are certified industry professionals that bring objective, third-party observation, analysis and investigation to identify root causes and propose corrective courses of action to assure component life, system reliability and machine up time.

Subject Matter Expert Witness

Our certified experts understand how systems and components can fail as well as how human error can lead to equipment malfunction, lost productivity, reduced reliability, and cause workplace accidents. Fluid Power SME is well suited to work with investigative teams and legal counsel as Hydraulic and Pneumatic Subject Matter, Expert Witnesses.

Failed Piston-Shoe.jpg
Gear Pump Shaft.jpg
Damaged Telescopic.jpg
Failed Danfoss Motor.JPG
Bent-Broken Cylinder.jpg
Valve Spool Scoring.jpg
Failed Hydraulic Hose.JPG
1Falied Vane Pump2.JPG
Damaged Telescopic2.jpg
Clogged Hose Shane S Warren CAT.jpg
Broken Pump Shaft.jpg
Hydraulic Dieseling.png
damaged cylinder rod.jpg
Telescopic Failed2.jpg
Port Plate Cavitation.jpg
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