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Documentation is an essential requirement for any piece of equipment, new or used. Without it, safe and efficient operation, maintenance and repair would be nearly impossible. Whether in the initial phase to help facilitate the discussion on how to go about the design and manufacturing of a piece of equipment, to complete deliverable packages including circuit schematics, bills of material, assembly and sub assembly drawings and as well as test, commissioning and maintenance procedures, Fluid Power SME can provide detailed documentation packages for any project. We can produce documents on your company standard drawing title blocks and templates as well.

Drawings and Diagrams
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic schematics drawn to ISO 1219-1/2/3 standards.

  • Electrical diagrams drawn to NEMA ICS 19 and IEC 60617 standards.

  • Technical drafting and design including the interpretation and application of ANSI Y14.5M.

  • Reconstruction of missing documentation for existing equipment.

  • Conversion of paper schematics to AutoCAD, hand drafted part and assembly drawings to 2D and 3D models. We can also incorporate company title blocks and standards for layers, blocks, text styles, line weights and colors.

  • Proposals to introduce a new project.

  • Specifications to define scope, structure, design, materials, packaging and required technical standards.

  • Reports to provide analysis, information and recommendations to facilitate discussion and decision making.

  • Procedures for assembly, test and commissioning.

  • Manuals to provide instruction on how to operate, maintain and repair equipment.

  • Datasheets to highlight the technical features and operating characteristics of equipment.

Technical Writing
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