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Finding and selecting the right vendor can be daunting. It requires technical competency, product knowledge, an understanding of the market and the suppliers that serve it and how all of these variables fit into how your company does business. Whether it is specifying the correct component for a new design or application, identifying the best partner as the source of supply or in finding suitable alternates when dealing with lead time, delivery or product obsolesce issues, Fluid Power SME has extensive industry knowledge of component manufacturers and suppliers. Since we do not sell components or systems, you can be assured that our recommendations are unbiased and will focus on the highest degree of quality, reliability and value.

Supply Chain and Lead Times

The best components and suppliers in the world mean nothing if you cannot get the product. Delays in manufacturing and shipping of sometimes multi million dollar pieces of equipment for what in many cases is a simple or inexpensive part is not acceptable. Supply Chain challenges occurring just as production in many sectors is ramping up only compounds the problem. Unfortunately, some component suppliers leverage their customers lack of knowledge into sole sourcing of their products leaving them seemingly with no alternative. Fluid Power SME can provide the technical support to help develop a broad based strategy to allow your team to make the most informed sourcing decisions without the clutter of vendor specific sales and marketing bias. We know what works, what doesn't and what to do about it. Whether it is in finding components with similar useable features, related alternatives, or looking at the equipment design to see how a different technical approach - even designing out a component, may open up possibilities. Our insight and knowhow can keep a project moving forward and on track.

Product Obsolescence
Obsolete Valve2.JPG

Sooner or later, it happens. Time marches on and as any piece of equipment ages, even if well maintained - it will eventually require service and replacement of various parts and there is no exception for hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems. Sometimes finding that replacement part becomes a challenge as the equipment manufacturer can no longer source the parts and the component manufacturer is just no longer interested in providing it or any reasonable alternative - leaving the equipment user to hold the bag. Finding an obsolete replacement component can be time consuming and costly. Fluid Power SME has the expertise to ask the right questions to get the right answers to find equivalents and alternatives to obsolete and unavailable parts.

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