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When does it make sense to grow your

It is not always practical or cost effective to build up a design team to include every discipline for every project. A lot of time and money can be spent searching for the right candidate and all too often, it is a fruitless endeavor. Working with Fluid Power SME enables scaling of a team based on a project's real needs, changes in workload and market conditions.

staff to include a Fluid Power expert?

What Fluid Power SME Can Do For You

Collaborating with Fluid Power SME means you won’t have to become an expert yourself.  Rather than having to recruit, hire and onboard the right candidate with the right skills at the right time, bearing all the costs of retaining a permanent, full time employee, Fluid Power SME becomes an extension of your team, providing all of the expertise and resources needed to launch the hydraulic and pneumatic design phase of a project, freeing your team to focus on other needs.

Areas of Expertise Include

  • Complete Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Design

  • Interpretation and application of Fluid Power Standards

  • Component Specification

  • Piping Recommendations

  • Design Reviews

  • Analysis

  • Calculations

  • Simulation

  • Design Validation

  • Safe system design per ISO 4413 (hydraulic) and ISO 4414 (pneumatic)

  • Designing for Energy Efficiency per ISO/TR 22164 and ISO/TR 22165

  • FMECA (Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis)

  • RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

  • Equipment and Plant Surveys

  • Proactive Maintenance Recommendations

  • Documentation Packages

  • Technical Writing


Why Choose Fluid Power SME?

  • The ability to fit into any complex environment is engrained in our DNA. We work with organizations of all sizes from all industries and all geographies and are ready and able to jump in and accelerate a project's development.

  • Fluid Power SME can bring in fresh perspective to any new, ongoing or mature project and offer objective third party evaluations and advice, empowering our clients to be more flexible and self-sufficient in their decision making.

  • A lot of time is spent trying to identify and select suppliers and your team may not have the time or expertise to fully qualify them.  Since we do not sell components or systems, we are not obligated to or limited by the product lines or offerings a supplier would normally be restricted to. Fluid Power SME’s longstanding relationships with a network of trusted suppliers, knowing their strengths and limitations, allows our clients to stay focused on other matters.

  • We can help finish projects faster. Dedicating limited staff can put a strain on a resources. Fluid Power SME’s network of highly experienced, skilled and reliable experts provide the tools and expertise to complete projects in a shorter time with lower overall cost. Collaborating with Fluid Power SME is an excellent way to get needed tasks done quickly freeing your team to manage other aspects of a project, revenue and growth.

  • But our local supplier offers “free technical support”. Most suppliers have some degree of technical capability but very few will provide extensive design and support when there is no guarantee they will be awarded the project. Fluid Power SME can facilitate the overall view of a project and provide the complete design and documentation package with alternate technical approaches, options on component selection and multiple sources of supply. As our client, you will gain the ultimate in flexibility to select the best suppliers and most cost effective course that suits the needs and goals of your project. And when the time comes, we can assist in having those conversations too.

  • Yeah, but it’s “free”. Is it really? Most fluid power manufacturers and distributors recover the costs of their design and technical support by building it into the price of the products they sell. On the surface, free design and technical support sounds appealing but make no mistake - either way, in the end you pay.

  • But consultants are expensive. No, not so much. When collaborating with Fluid Power SME, you save on up front and continuing costs such as salary, insurance and other benefits, computers, software, office space, training, lost efficiency in getting a new hire up to speed and other intangible costs associated with onboarding full-time employees. By contracting for only for the necessary services at the agreed rate for the period of time a project requires, operating and developmental expenses are reduced, freeing up funds for other needs or opportunities.​


Fluid Power SME has decades of experience, deep ties to the industry and are committed to staying abreast of the changes in the marketplace and advances in technology. Yearly, we attend several continuing education and technical seminars, trade shows and fluid power conferences and are involved in and support several fluid power industry organizations including committee participation for certification, workforce education and technical standards development. We know that without you there is no us; but together, we can achieve great things. Our promise to you is to deliver our very best, every time.

Our Commitment

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